Concentrations of Solutions

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Concentrations of Solutions

Created By: Jane Schott


This lesson is considered a discovery activity. Students would conduct these activities prior to teacher-led discussion on the concepts. This lesson serves as an introduction to the concepts. Discovery activities help the teacher uncover students’ prior knowledge and misconceptions. They give students hands-on/minds-on experiences to stimulate their learning of new concepts. Students are encouraged to think about how to answer questions or solve problems. They are asked to explain their observations based on their current understanding of the concepts. The focus of this lesson is on gas behaviors. Students will discover ideas about the Kinetic Molecular Theory and the relationships between pressure, volume and temperature. All students will complete part A, then each group will do one of the six activities that illustrates a concept about gas behavior.

? Solve problems involving molarity of a solution. ? Calculate the molality and mole fraction of a solution. ? Prepare mass % and % by volume solutions. ? Solve problems involving mass % and % by volume solutions

Time Required: 50 minutes (average student

? NaCl ? 250 mL volumetric flask

Skills/Knowledge Gained by Learners:
? Preparing a given concentration of solution ? Converting molarity into molality and mass percent ? Developing a method to determine mass percent of the solution to determine experimental error

Student sheet containing the procedural steps is attached

Closure: (How to draw the project to a close)
Students share their ideas from their part of the discovery with their peers during the large group share. All students will share ideas during discussion the following day of the discovery.

? Quiz—A short quiz includes questions directly from the discovery and the concepts covered. ? Worksheet—Allows students practice with the concepts introduced in the discovery. ? Exam—Include questions in which students solve concentration problems.


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