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STEM education seeks to both integrate the STEM disciplines (Science, technology, engineering and mathematics) as well as use instructional approaches that emphasize applications and teamwork. For example, a science lesson may use engineering design principles, statistics, and project management techniques to complete the assignment. Additional reading may be required also. This strategy puts learning into the context of applications, making learning both easier and more fun.

More information about potential STEM occupations can be found on this web site here. Information from the Indiana Department of Education can be found here. Additionally, you can learn what other states are doing by going to the STEMx web site. You can contact I-STEM for specific information.

The Purdue University STEM web site contains information where you can see how your interests might line up with STEM studies. You can follow #STEM on Twitter or look at any number of STEM-related videos on YouTube. You can even connect with a STEM mentor though your school or through afterschool programs.

This resource is good for learning how to engage girls in STEM.

Many STEM fields have their own vocabulary.  Check out this resource for an exhaustive list of vocabulary related to advanced manufacturing: