Resource List

  1. Professional societies:
    1. Hoosier Association of Science Teachers, Inc.:
    2. Indiana Council of Teachers of Mathematics:
    3. Indiana Association of Biology Teachers:
    4. Indiana Section of the American Association of Physics Teachers:
    5. Indiana Academy of Sciences:
    6. Indiana Alliance of Chemistry Teachers:
  1. State level resources:
    1. PRISM:
    2. Science Education Foundation of Indiana, Inc.:
    3. Discovering the science of the environment:
    4. Indiana Science Olympiad:
    5. Celebrate Science:
    6. Indiana FIRST:
    7. VEX Robotics:
  1. National societies:
    1. National Science Teachers Association:
    2. American Association of Physics Teachers:
    3. Modeling Instruction:
    4. National Council of Teachers of Mathematics:
    5. American Association of Chemistry Teachers:
    6. National Association of Biology Teachers:
    7. Middle Level Teachers of Science:
    8. School Science and Mathematics Association:
    9. National Association for Research in Science Teaching:
  1. National level resources:
    1. National Science Digital Library:
    2. NOAA:
    3. NASA:
    4. NOVA’s “Secret Life of Scientists and Engineers”:
    5. Annenberg Learner:
    6. Smithsonian Science Education Center (formerly the National Science Resources Center): or
    7. National Academy of Engineering LinkEngineering:
    8. Stanford: Mastering Language for College and Career Readiness
    9. Change the Equation: Work-Based Learning Resources
    10. Science simulation iPad app from UColorado for $0.99: