Apply to be part of Indiana’s selection for high quality science and engineering instructional materials! Deadline: March 25, 2016

Applications are now being accepted for the Indiana STEMworks database of effective science and engineering curriculum. The purpose of the database is to help Indiana district and school administrators make informed decisions about the curriculum they select in science and related STEM disciplines. Indiana is currently revising science standards for adoption in 2016, and this review will provide school districts with a guide to the highest quality science and engineering curriculum available. Any science and engineering curriculum that serves preK-8 students and teachers is encouraged to apply. Applications must be completed online and are due Friday, March 25th by 5:00 pm Eastern Time. A brief pre-application is due Friday, March 18th by 5:00 pm Eastern Time.

Apply today! Only complete applications will be reviewed. Visit the Indiana STEMworks information portal to learn more about STEMworks and how to apply to the Indiana STEMworks database .

Our curriculum review process has evolved from work of the Indiana STEM Action Coalition to ensure that all schools in Indiana have access to high quality inquiry-based instructional materials in science and engineering. Reviewers will assess materials against Change the Equation’s STEMworks rubric as well as additional, Indiana-specific criteria for evaluating STEM instructional material.

We are placing particular emphasis on the process standards and are seeking applications from curricula that are hands-on and research-developed. STEMworks has been used successfully in Iowa, Colorado, and Arizona to select STEM programs that are most likely to have an impact on STEM education. Funders and policymakers in these states know that each STEMworks program has gone through a rigorous vetting process and has cleared a very high bar for quality. The Indiana process will focus on evaluation of STEM curricula and instructional materials for preK-8.

The review process in Indiana will enlist the expertise of Indiana science curriculum directors, science teachers, science content experts and higher education faculty. The reviewers will review submitted curriculum for five weeks, beginning on March 25. Curricula that receive a “Promising” or “Accomplished” distinction will be made public on May 24, 2016, via an online portal for Indiana districts and schools. The names of curricula that apply but do not receive these distinctions will not be revealed.

Indiana STEMworks is a joint initiative of the I-STEM Resource Network, a partnership of public and private higher education institutions, K-12 schools, businesses, and government, hosted by Purdue University, and Change the Equation™ (CTEq), a nonpartisan, nonprofit initiative of CEOs that mobilizes the business community to improve the quality of STEM learning in the United States. Members of Change the Equation™ provide more than $500 million a year in support of STEM education.