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The I-STEM Resource Network’s overarching goal is to help Indiana achieve its vision to be a national leader in student academic achievement in STEM disciplines and the in quality of its workforce. To do that, the Network will focus on the following goals:


  • Articulation of a vision for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics education in Indiana that broads awareness of the need for STEM literacy and supports high quality programs of instruction;
  • Mobilization of expertise and leveraging of resources that reach all K-12 children in Indiana, to foster comprehensive and challenging programs of instruction in STEM by distributing tools and learning methods and providing technical assistance to educational leaders (including principals and teachers).


  • Promotion of STEM education and literacy so that students graduating from Indiana High Schools are prepared for post-secondary education or the work force.

Applied Research, Assessment, and Evaluation

  • Working with existing organizations to research, develop, and disseminate information on the state of STEM K-12 education to policymakers and the media in order to improve decision-making and to identify gaps that need to be addressed.

Community Partnerships

  • Working with government, industry, the education community, and parents to promote continuously improving levels of performance in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics by all children in K-12.

Network Development

  • Coordination with regional partners to develop an interactive and sustainable network that allows for a fluid flow of information;
  • Brokering educational initiatives and resources ensuring that academic success is systemic, continuous, and sustainable.