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Bright Ideas STEM from Today’s Youth

Do You Have the Next Big Idea?

Do you have a Bright Idea for solving a new problem? Does your Bright Idea approach a familiar problem in a fresh, imaginative new way? Can your Bright Idea make the world a better place?

Bright House Networks is committed to helping today’s youth develop into innovative entrepreneurs that can help change the world! We’re also fostering leadership experiences for our youth so they can help build local economies and create emerging technologies too!

By entering the Bright Ideas STEM from Today’s Youth competition, high school students will vie for the opportunity to compete head-to-head on TV, in front of a studio audience in Orlando, Florida, where an expert panel of judges will select one grand prize winner. The BIG winner will have the chance to work with a leading innovation firm – which could help this student’s (or team of students) dream or idea potentially be realized and fulfilled!

So students, get ready to innovate! YOUR Bright Idea CAN make a difference and possibly change the world!

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Magnify Learning is offering three PBL professional development opportunities this June

PBL Academy: June 8-11, Columbus Signature Academy HS, Columbus

PBL Northern Workshop: June 15-18 Riverside Intermediate, Plymouth

PBL Institute: June 22-15 Chapel Hill 7th & 8th Grade Center, Indianapolis

Why should you bring a group of at least 5 educators (including at least one administrator) from your school or district to one of these workshops?

*    Collaboration with your group will enrich the workshop learning experience and provide you and your teammates with on-going support in your classrooms when you are implementing what you learned.

*    Developing projects that integrate multiple subject areas will better enable your students to develop real-world problem solving skills.

*    School administrators who understand and support project based learning are essential for the growth and sustainability of PBL in your school.

*    Your registration fees will be reduced 10%!

Georgetown U: The Economic Value of College Majors

From the Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce

How much is a college major worth?
Today, 35 percent of jobs require a Bachelor’s degree or higher.1 On average, these jobs pay $33,000 annually at the entry level and $61,000 at prime age. But averages are deceiving. The economic risks and returns to Bachelor’s degrees vary greatly among different majors. For today’s high school graduates, and an increasing share of middle-aged adults who are pursuing a Bachelor’s degree, the decision about what to major in will have critical economic consequences for the rest of their lives.

The fact that college majors play such an enormous role in determining college graduates’ wages and career trajectory has everyone asking: How much is a college major worth? In this report, we analyze the wages of college graduates by 15 major groups and 137 major sub groups. To provide a more complete picture of what college graduates are earning in the labor market, we use the interquartile range of wages, or what the middle half of college graduates are likely to earn (i.e., the range from the 25th to 75th percentiles).

See the complete report, slides, executive summary, and interactive data explorer here.